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Hi, I’m Delma Aurdett,
Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry.

  • Skilled in Non-profit Organizations.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Disease Prevention.
  • Holistic health and Wellness.
  • Team Building, and Public Speaking.          Strong business development professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Community Health: Major in Public Health from London Metropolitan University.

Delma Aurdett | My Story

My new entrepreneural life now begins as a Retired Nurse Practitioner, Nursing care Trainer and Mentor,  with more than 30+ years working experience in health care.  I am very passionate about encouraging others to believe in their sense of self-worth, to transform their lives and experience.

A citizen of the beautiful twin Island of Trinidad and Tobago. I came to England in 1971 on a recruitment program, sponsored by the British Government, as a student to study, for the nursing program. After achieving my nursing qualification, I worked as a Nurse Practitioner within different specialty areas of nursing care in the National Health Service. In my senior years I practiced as a specialist gynaecology Nurse Practitioner until retirement.

Following retirement I did not want to just sit around and look at TV or do crosswords puzzles all day long. life experience has taught me that you have to make a decision to stop existing and start living. As a result of simply putting my thinking into action, with some research about internet marketing. I developed Definitive Solutions LLC. as a Global Marketplace Business, supplying On-Demand Digital Information Products Technology and  E-learning  Solutions to help online businesses, who wants to scale-up and grow their business for massive return on investments.

My Mantra

The main catalyst for change is you, and given a chance you will opt for success. You have to unlearn all that you know and start all over again. You need to set goals and work to achieve them.  The key is to ‘Act Sensibly, Think Positive, having a sense of vision, work towards achieving your goals.


My Values & Beliefs

Mission Statement and Core Values:

As a Health and Wellness professional, my mission is to live a life of significance, with core values founded on Christian principles. It reaches beyond to better serve the needs of the wider community, in harmony with Christ’s healing ministry and Christian values, at every level of service. Striving to deliver ‘Best Practice’ and quality care as needed.


Crucial Principles and Objective I Use to achieve Success in My life:

  1. Believing in myself.
  2. Determine that I can achieve any goals I set.
  3. Have courage to say no to defeat.
  4. Marshalling my own personal resources and using my time effectively.
  5. Conviction: Believe in my sense of self-worth, values and belief systems.
  6. Be humble and accept that a person who knows more than I do can help me.
  7. Develop a rapacious need for knowledge…and result.

My Perspective:

  • I know that I have “the ability to completely empty my cup”.  Plan meticulously, map out a plan; believe in my dream and go for it.
  • Learn to take risk, get out of my comfort zone, be mature, know the problem and execute the process to reach my destination.
  • Learn to lose the shackles and constraints of can’t, don’t, and won’t and change them into will, can and do.

Qualifications and Awards:

Academic Achievements:

 M.A. Community Health with Major in Public Health,

BSc (HONs) Health Studies and Social Science,

Dip App SS. (Nursing Studies),

Diploma in Community Nursing

BCS (ECDL PT1/PT2) with Distinction City and Guilds Computer Literacy and

Information Technology with Distinction,

Fitness Evangelist.


Nursing Skills and Experience:

  • Specialist Nursing Care Co-ordinator and Facilitator.
  • Nursing Care Trainer and Mentor.
  • Consumers’ Care and Relations’ Facilitator.
  • Healthcare Consultant.
  • Lifestyle Coach/Fitness Evangelist.


Community Outreach Skills and Experience:

  • Health Seminar Organizer.
  • Social Event Planner.
  • Community Health and Wellness Screening Facilitator.
  • Homeless Monthly Feeding Program Co-coordinator.


Church Ministries Outreach Profile:

  • Organised food baskets for the elderly members of the local community.
  • Co-ordinated weekly members’ luncheon club
  • Wrote quarterly reports for Community Ministries Department.
  • Presented yearly report for Community Ministries Federation annual conference.
  • Responsible for organising Community Outreach events for department.

My Approach :

My passion is to help people…help people, make informed choices about their health and well-being…and enhance their lifestyle outcomes. Everything I share with other people, I apply to my own lifestyle and it works. Of course the current Health and Wellness environment; needs forward looking and forward thinking people, who can network together successfully, in providing a holistic framework of Health and Wellness evidence based service that will benefit the population at large.

As a Healthcare Professional I feel privileged to share this vision with the global community. For these reasons, I found and developed Definitive Solutions LLC: Holistic Health Institute, a Consultancy gateway: by the way of consultation, mentoring and coaching clients to develop and harness their lifestyle skills and competencies, that will enhance their health and lifestyle experience. It’s a way of giving back to my local community and the wider global community. We were meant to live a life of significance, to effect change and be a blessing to those we interact with.

My desire and mission is to help my fellowman find solutions that will transform their lives to achieve success in their personal goals,  business or community sphere, to achieve that life that they always wanted to. I am very passionate about helping others to unlock their potentials and achieve their goals wheither in business or personal life.

When I look around I can see a world populated with people whose lives are inflicted with many lifestyle anomalies and habits that sometimes render them unfit for purpose.  I have a strong interest in lifestyle medicine …My mission through this website is to offer the ‘Miracle of Life’ through the ‘NEWSTART’ Health Principles.

The power of motivation can help anybody to take action. Therefore ‘NEWSTART’ Health Principles, an acronym for the eight (8) laws of health; covering (nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest and trust in God) are eight precepts that will help anyone willing to change their lifestyle, achieved optimal health and wellbeing. They are simple enough and when adhere to may help the body to heal, bringing it to a state of vitality that is perfect for living life to the fullest. These are the true remedies that will ensure a healthier successful life.


Featured Publication


  • Rediscovering the importance of lifestyle.
  • Lifestyle is always a choice.
  • The 5 key benefits of a holistic focus on wellness: The Power of Wholeness.
  • Overcoming 5 common myths that leads to disease and dysfunction.
  • Begin with your most Bio-organic Complex: Your Mind.
  • Understand the Importance of relational Wellness.
  • Explore Physical Wellness.
  • Traditional Wellnes is not up to the job.
  • Preventative Medical Wholeness.
  • Claiming Environmental Wholeness.

Wellness Book Series

  • Series 1: Understand what’s involved in WHOLENESS: a new HOLISTIC approach to wellness.
  • Series 2: Be aware of your lifestyle and its many inputs.
  • Series 3: Plan Your Personal WHOLENESS PROGRAM.
  • Series 4: Practice Preventive Medical Wholeness.
  • Series 5: Establish Mental Wholeness.