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Reversing Chronic Mental Health Disease

One in five westerners fall victim to the debilitating effects of Vascular Dementia at some point in their life. This is partly due to a combination of factors, that involve an imbalance in practicing the principles of a healthy lifestyle and genetic disposition (DNA).

Listed Here Are Eight (8) laws of health you can adopt to Help Reverse Mental Health Disease and achieve optimum mental health.
These eight (8) Laws or Principles, are presented in the form of an acronym known as “NEWSTART”

Altogether optimal mental health can be achieved through the application of these “NEWSTART” Laws, which is an acronym for~

  • Nutrition~ eating a whole food plant-based nutritious diet.
  • Exercise ~ commit to be fit, with plenty of exercise.
  • Water ~ drinking lots of water, because your body is 70% water, and it needs it to help the cells to function properly.
  • Sunshine ~ getting adequate sunshine, is crucial for adequate vitamin D.
  • Temperance ~ practicing temperance, is moderation in that which is good, and abstaining from that which is bad.
  • Air ~ getting a lot of fresh air, breathing deeply for lung health.
  • Rest ~ is equally important to rejuvenate and revitalize your body.
  • Trusting in God ∼ because He is our surpreme provider and we need Him to survive.

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SOURCE: All the credits for this video presentation goes to TEDx Rockhamptom. for your kind courtesy & Indulgence, Thank you.

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Healthy Aging Solutions

Who doesn’t want to look young? The concern becomes more paramount as we start to advance in age and mature in years. But despite every effort towards advancement, the one thing that we as human beings have not been able to control is time. The clock keeps ticking and with it our biological age First, there are simple biological reasons that cannot be ignored or controlled (more like inevitable).

For instance, aging is a natural process that occurs in all the body’s tissues, cells and organs. These cells undergo changes with aging by becoming larger and less adept at dividing and multiplying… By nurturing good lifestyle habits, you may actually be able to sidestep or even reverse aging. Think reverse aging where even simple practices like walking every day and easy strength training moves can help delay age related loss of muscle mass.


Healthy Fitness Solutions

Physical fitness is all about good health of the heart, muscles, lungs and all the body parts. The fitness of the body is based on the restrictions that are put on the body physically and what all one is able to do in a certain lifestyle, like what you eat and what are your habits.

 With a fit body one can survive longer as the body has more capacity to keep and maintain the required levels of oxygen and all the nutrients that are essential for the perfect functioning of the body. If the body is flexible one can do a lot of varied activities and move the body in various styles and also move the joints. Stamina can be increased with exercises like jogging, swimming and running whereas if one does the pushups and lift weights the muscles can be made stronger.

Reverse Chronic Disease Solutions

One of the most important aspects of living your best life is to get plenty of rest. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of getting enough sleep. Poor sleep can boost insulin resistance, interrupt hormone levels and ultimately reduces both mental and physical performance. Further, lack of sleep will put you at risk of depression and anxiety, but it can also put you at risk of suffering a heart attack, high-blood pressure, stroke and diabetes.  It can also age you rapidly.

Lack of sleep will first affect your physical appearance, leaving you with premature wrinkling and dark circles around your eyes. Over time, chronic sleep deprivation can increase your levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which will break down collagen, reducing your skin elasticity and making you look twice your age. Sleep is no joke. Make sure that you make it a priority to get enough sleep every night…

Healthy Nutrition Solutions

As our society evolves, we are constantly facing the need to change our behaviors and habits to increase our health and quality of life. We are now facing climate change, food insecurity and over 40% of our population is suffering from chronic disease. This is likely why the recent ideas put forward to improve our world and health is the plant-based nutrition. 

Our understanding of plant-based eating may differ from one individual to another. In the world of nutrition, plant-based eating is having a large portion of one’s nutrition coming from vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, whole grains and also include legumes or other plants.

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