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Women “ME” Time: A Blueprint For Women: Finding “Me” Time

Women “Me” Time is a blueprint and guide for women trying to find”me time! or looking for ideas on how to find time and space in their daily lives. They say a woman’s work is never done. Because A hectic work schedule, combined with trying to balance other areas of your life, may lead to you feeling like you are spinning too many plates in the air at once.

Everyone is different, and each individual has different ideas about how to find time for ‘me’. In this guide You’ll find some solutions on how to make some ‘me’ time. The solutions in it are not the only ones, but may give you some ideas of how to find space and time for yourself in your life.

This newly inspired blueprint, compiled by the aurthor, contains many resources on women “me” time, how to find space and time for yourself  in your hectice schedule; including topics and guidelines for those desiring to find solutions, useful solutions and ideas on self-care and more…


Are you a busy woman who never seems to have time for yourself? It’s no secret that women are often juggling a lot of balls.

We’re working, caring for our families, and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life. It can be tough to find time for ourselves, but it’s important that you try to make some ‘me’ time.

  • If so, this guide is designed just for you! In this blueprint, you’ll learn what me time is, why it’s important, and how to find time for “me” in your busy schedule.

This should be quite exciting and adventurous! However, that being said, when life gets overwhelming and problems keeps mounting; it’s easy to start doubting yourself. When this happens, one of the best things you can do is to intentionally slow down and find your balance… because It’s about being present with yourself; in mind, body and soul.

Finding the perfect harmony between your mind, body and soul.

Ok, now that you have found your balance, and because of this you can begin to have honest conversations with yourself. By cultivating honest conversations with yourself, you are finding the perfect harmony between your mind, body and soul … even though you may feel like you can’t move forward to see what’s ahead, finding your perfect harmony will allow you to focus.

Now you can ask yourself some relevant questions, for example; “what is “me” time? how can I find ‘me’ time” in my hectic lifestyle?  How vital it is to find some time for myself and how can this ‘me’ time be utilised?

You would think that these tips on finding ‘me’ time would be obvious. However, this time can often be difficult to find. A 2014 UK study looking at working mothers found 51% of them went weeks without relaxing on their own.

When further questioned, nearly 75% of the 2000 women felt they lived their whole lives for other people. Some women are lucky enough to have partners and family to rely on to take the strain; others are not so fortunate. However, there are still things you can do to make time in your life. For instance you can…


Woman in a spa lying on a bed having A Neck Massage. Finding Some “Me” Time!

Indulge Yourself 

This can simply be an extension of the previous where you make a date with yourself. Once a month, go treat yourself, this can be anything you wish, such as shopping, a spa day, a movie, or even just spending time with your friends, catching up on their lives. This is totally your choice. Go and see the great outdoors, spend a day cycling. The point is this is ‘me’ time.


 In this guide You’ll find some solutions on

how to make some “Me” Time.

In this blueprint, you will find some solutions about what “me” time is and why it is important. You will also learn about the different types of “me” time and how to find time for it in your busy schedule.

What is Women “ME” Time?

Why is Women Finding “ME” Time so Important?

 Some Ideas about the different types of “ME” Time.